Bill Kern

Specializing in your lapidary and rockhounding needs. 

Refurbished Tools                                                                              Accessories & Parts

Bead Reamer                                                                                        Diamond Carving Bur

Diamond Saw Blades                                                                       Diamond Wheel Dresser Tool

Drill Bits                                                                                                  EasyCut Water Lubricant

Expandable Drums                                                                           Faceting Machines

Faceting Laps                                                                                       Files

Flat laps                                                                                                   Flex Shaft - Machine & Parts

Gauges & Measuring                                                                       Glass Grinders

Grinder & Saw                                                                                     Grinding Wheels

Hammers & Picks                                                                              Lapidary Machine

Lapidary Saw                                                                                        Loups & Lamps

Master Laps                                                                                          Metal Detectors

Pliers & Shears                                                                                    Polishing & Abrasives

Polishing Laps                                                                                      Punch Sets & Stamps

Ring Sizer & Mandrels                                                                    Safety Gear

Sanding Belts                                                                                       Sanding Pads

Sanding Paper                                                                                     Saws - Rock 

Saw Blades & Frames                                                                      Scales & Balances

Tumblers - Rotary                                                                              Tumblers - Vibrating

Tweezers & Holders                                                                         Ultrasonic Cleaner

Wax Supplies                                                                                        Wheel 6" & 8" 

Wire Wrapping Supplies                                                                Workstations

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